ENIMEX S.A. established nearly 15 years ago as the only manufacturer within the Greek-Eastern Mediterranean territory to fully design and produce Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Gas Reducing and Metering Stations and Gas meters. Our design and production know-how is provided by longtime experience . Dedicated software applications, MRP solutions, Up-to-date CAD/CAM systems are been used in combination with state of the art CNC lathes and fully Automatic Welding machines in order to provide high quality products and flexibility in satisfying client's various demands. Quality Management System has been implemented & certified to guarantee the quality of products and services.

Our headquarters are located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece . The first plant covers 6.500m2 and is designated for the production of valves & stations and test-logistics. The second plant is situated in same area and covers 3.000m2. Main activities of this plant are the assembly/test of M/R stations and the assembly, have calibration & repairing of gas meters.


We have established ourselves on the major share of the Greek and Turkish gas market and continue to expand our exports by emerging new market shares in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Middle East , North Africa & Central Asia.

We have our own distribution network in Greece with warehouses in Northern Greece, Central Greece and Athens.