Enimex S.A. guarantees a technical support service for its products on a worldwide basis through its own structure.
The fulfillment of programmed maintenance contracts, in complete compliance with local regulations, guarantees an ISO certified service for our Customers with the constant and qualified control of the operation of the installations.
The technical skill of the personnel, the availability of equipment and of real mobile systems permits the most varied problems or needs of our Clientele to be met.

Major activities:
MR Stations
- Commissioning / Start up
- Complete maintenance & repair
- Training Courses
- Spare Parts
Ball Valves
- Operation & Maintenance
- Inspections Analysis
- Repair Activities
- Spare Parts
- Actuator’s commissioning / start up / maintenance
Gas Meters
- Complete maintenance & repair
- Training Courses
- Spare Parts
Cathodic Protection System Monitoring
Automatic Reading System for Gas Meters
GRS Stations Telecontrol

For the purpose of enhancing its products for its clientele, Enimex S.A. offer a program of additional services with a high professional content.
The constant technical updating of its personnel, as well as the qualifications of its Service Centers, ensure a capillary presence at world level which renders Enimex products reliable and safe with the passage of time.
Our follow-up services provide our Customers with tranquility in the management of our products